Our History

Built around 1780

When tourists began to travel through Krokskogen, there was a greater need for served food and overnight accommodation. From old there had been coach stations at Øvre Jonsrud in Lommedalen valley, at Midtskogen in Krokskogen, and at Sundvollen by Tyrifjorden.

Øvre Jonsrud had also been an inn. When the road across Sollihøgda was finished around 1860, the coach station at Øvre Jonsrud became superfluous, and soon closed down. Kleivstua was built around 1807. This was of course due to the redirection of the road across Sørkleiva.

Kleivstua is beautifully located on top of Sørkleiva.


Conference & meeting

We specialize in good meetings.

There are many reasons why Kleivstua is the most popular meeting place for business people who want to get away from town, but not too far. In addition to being close to town we have houses and rooms to satisfy most meeting requirements, also for groups who want to be by themselves.

Look at the pictures to find out more about our meeting rooms.


Our location