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Welcome to Kleivstua!

Kleivstua is a unique hotel with great location - only 45 km from Oslo.

The hotel is ideally placed on the edge of Krokskogen overlooking the beautiful forest: Krokskogen. From the terrace you can enjoy a panoramic view of Steinsfjorden and Vikerfjell mountain in the distance.

Kleivstua hotel provides perfect settings for a great stay. With modern facilities in historical surroundings, delicious food, and personal hospitality,  you will feel the unique atmosphere and get the best service.

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In 1780 Kleivstua was a natural stop on the road between Christiania (Oslo) and Bergen, and through the years it became a well-known and popular tourist destination.

Today Kleivstua Hotel consists of 11 houses and a total of 43 rooms, with a capacity of 108 people. All rooms are named after fairytales written by well-known Norwegian folklorists - Asbjørnsen and Moe.


All our historic cabins have been built and restored according to the rules of art, where no two rooms are alike. If you like - feel free to ask for a house or room with a sauna!

Our location with a breathtaking view and unique atmosphere makes Kleivstua an ideal place for parties, weddings or special events.


Our focus are on tasty and freshly prepared food and beverages from local suppliers. 


The restaurant is named " The Queens View" and has the capacity of up to 200 people.

Our "Yellow Livingroom" is also available for dining and is located in the oldest part of the hotel. If desired - you can rent your own cabin and taste our delicious food in a separate dining room. 

Kleivstua is the perfect starpoint for hikes. With electric bikes for rent you can easily enjoy the countless opportunities. 

There are three stunning viewpoints within walking distance from Kleivstua. "The Queen’s View" is named after Queen Desiree who visited Kleivstua in 1825.  "The King’s View"  is named after King Karl Johan who visited us in 1832, and "The Crown Prince’s View" named after Crown Prince Håkon who was here in 1992.

For a cultural experience, visit Kistefos. Here you can explore art exhibitions, a sculpture park and the industrial museum 

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Do not hesitate to contact us. Prices on request.

Phone: +47 32 16 14 00
Opening hours, booking:
Monday-Saturday 08:00-16:00  •  Sunday 08:00-13:00

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